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Online Temperature Conversion tool that lets you easily convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kelvin and vice versa.

Temperature Conversion


Example Temperature Conversions

10 Celsius to Fahrenheit11 Celsius to Fahrenheit12 Celsius to Fahrenheit
13 Celsius to Fahrenheit14 Celsius to Fahrenheit15 Celsius to Fahrenheit
16 Celsius to Fahrenheit17 Celsius to Fahrenheit18 Celsius to Fahrenheit
19 Celsius to Fahrenheit20 Celsius to Fahrenheit21 Celsius to Fahrenheit
22 Celsius to Fahrenheit23 Celsius to Fahrenheit24 Celsius to Fahrenheit
25 Celsius to Fahrenheit26 Celsius to Fahrenheit27 Celsius to Fahrenheit
28 Celsius to Fahrenheit29 Celsius to Fahrenheit30 Celsius to Fahrenheit
31 Celsius to Fahrenheit32 Celsius to Fahrenheit33 Celsius to Fahrenheit
34 Celsius to Kelvin35 Celsius to Kelvin36 Celsius to Kelvin
37 Celsius to Kelvin38 Celsius to Kelvin39 Celsius to Kelvin
40 Celsius to Kelvin41 Celsius to Kelvin42 Celsius to Kelvin
43 Celsius to Kelvin44 Celsius to Kelvin45 Celsius to Kelvin
46 Celsius to Kelvin47 Celsius to Kelvin48 Celsius to Kelvin
49 Celsius to Kelvin50 Celsius to Kelvin51 Celsius to Kelvin
52 Celsius to Kelvin53 Celsius to Kelvin54 Celsius to Kelvin
55 Celsius to Kelvin56 Celsius to Kelvin57 Celsius to Kelvin
58 Fahrenheit to Celsius59 Fahrenheit to Celsius60 Fahrenheit to Celsius
61 Fahrenheit to Celsius62 Fahrenheit to Celsius63 Fahrenheit to Celsius
64 Fahrenheit to Celsius65 Fahrenheit to Celsius66 Fahrenheit to Celsius
67 Fahrenheit to Celsius68 Fahrenheit to Celsius69 Fahrenheit to Celsius
70 Fahrenheit to Celsius71 Fahrenheit to Celsius72 Fahrenheit to Celsius
73 Fahrenheit to Celsius74 Fahrenheit to Celsius75 Fahrenheit to Celsius
76 Fahrenheit to Celsius77 Fahrenheit to Celsius78 Fahrenheit to Celsius
79 Fahrenheit to Celsius80 Fahrenheit to Celsius81 Fahrenheit to Celsius
82 Fahrenheit to Kelvin83 Fahrenheit to Kelvin84 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
85 Fahrenheit to Kelvin86 Fahrenheit to Kelvin87 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
88 Fahrenheit to Kelvin89 Fahrenheit to Kelvin90 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
91 Fahrenheit to Kelvin92 Fahrenheit to Kelvin93 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
94 Fahrenheit to Kelvin95 Fahrenheit to Kelvin96 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
97 Fahrenheit to Kelvin98 Fahrenheit to Kelvin99 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
100 Fahrenheit to Kelvin101 Fahrenheit to Kelvin102 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
103 Fahrenheit to Kelvin104 Fahrenheit to Kelvin105 Fahrenheit to Kelvin
106 Kelvin to Celsius107 Kelvin to Celsius108 Kelvin to Celsius
109 Kelvin to Celsius110 Kelvin to Celsius111 Kelvin to Celsius
112 Kelvin to Celsius113 Kelvin to Celsius114 Kelvin to Celsius
115 Kelvin to Celsius116 Kelvin to Celsius117 Kelvin to Celsius
118 Kelvin to Celsius119 Kelvin to Celsius120 Kelvin to Celsius
121 Kelvin to Celsius122 Kelvin to Celsius123 Kelvin to Celsius
124 Kelvin to Celsius125 Kelvin to Celsius126 Kelvin to Celsius
127 Kelvin to Celsius128 Kelvin to Celsius129 Kelvin to Celsius
130 Kelvin to Fahrenheit131 Kelvin to Fahrenheit132 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
133 Kelvin to Fahrenheit134 Kelvin to Fahrenheit135 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
136 Kelvin to Fahrenheit137 Kelvin to Fahrenheit138 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
139 Kelvin to Fahrenheit140 Kelvin to Fahrenheit141 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
142 Kelvin to Fahrenheit143 Kelvin to Fahrenheit144 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
145 Kelvin to Fahrenheit146 Kelvin to Fahrenheit147 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
148 Kelvin to Fahrenheit149 Kelvin to Fahrenheit150 Kelvin to Fahrenheit
151 Kelvin to Fahrenheit152 Kelvin to Fahrenheit153 Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Temperature Conversion info, tips & tricks

How can I use the online Temperature Converter?

Simply enter the temperature value (e.g. 80) into the appropriate field of the starting unit (e.g. Fahrenheit). A temperature conversion is immediate, which means that The Temperature Converter immediately shows the converted temperature value on all of the known temperature scales (Fahrenheit, Celsius, and also Kelvin). The temperature conversion is accurate to two decimal places.

What are the temperatures scale symbols?

  • The symbol of Fahrenheit is ℉ (most commonly used in the US).
  • The symbol of Celsius degree is ℃ (the most common temperature scale in Europe, also known as the centigrade scale).
  • The symbol of Kelvin is K (this is the SI unit of temperature, most commonly used in physical calculations).

Why do we feel cold when the wind blows?

This is all about the wind chill effect which makes you feel colder. Wind-chill is the lowering of body temperature due to the passing flow of lower-temperature air. In this case, the outside temperature does indeed appear to be lower than what is actually measured. If you are wondering how much, use our Wind-Chill Index Calculator to find out.

How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula:℉ = [(℃*9)/5]+32
    The formula is simplified as follows:  ℉ = ℃ * 1.8 + 32

How to convert Celsius to Kelvin?

  • Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Formula:K=℃+273.15

How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?

  • Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion Formula:℃=[(℉-32)*5]/9
    The formula is simplified as follows:  ℃ = (℉ -32) / 1.8

How to convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin?

  • Fahrenheit to Kelvin Conversion Formula:K=[(℉+459.67)*5]/9
    The formula is simplified as follows:  K=(℉+459.67)/1.8

How to convert Kelvin to Celsius?

  • Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Formula:℃=K-273.15

How to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit?

  • Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula:℉=[(K*9)/5]-459.67
    The formula is simplified as follows:  ℉=K*1.8-459.67

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