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Wind Chill Calculator

The calculation only works at speeds above 3 mp/h (approx. 5 km/h).
The calculation only works at temperature below 50 F (approx. 10 C).


What is the Wind-chill calculator?

Wind-chill or windchill is the lowering of body temperature due to the passing flow of lower-temperature air. Wind chill or Wind Chill Index essentially shows how much cooler the outside temperature is when the wind blows. This is expressed by the wind chill index or the wind chill factor.

How is Wind Chill calculated?

A common formula for calculating the Wind Chill Index has been developed and widely used in the United States.

The formula used to calculate the wind chill in the US is: 35.74 + 0.6215T-35.75 (V ^ 0.16) +0.4275 (TV ^ 0.16)

In the formula, T denotes temperature in Fahrenheit, and V denotes velocity in miles per hour. Of course, our calculator handles the various units of measurement, so that several units of temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit) and speed units (km/h, mile/h, m/s) can be entered in the wind chill calculation.

3. Within what limits does the calculation of the Wind Chill Index give a satisfactory result?

Experience has shown that the above formulas, such as the calculation of the Wind Chill Index calculator of, will give a satisfactory result only under certain temperature and wind conditions. The calculator gives a good approximation of the sensation of heat below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above wind speeds of about 3 mp/h.

4. What does this look like in practice?

Suppose the outside temperature is 25 Fahrenheit and the wind is blowing for 10 mp/h. In this case, due to the significant wind, 25 Fahrenheit is perceived as colder, 15.1 Fahrenheit.

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