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How secure is my password?’ many people ask this. With the help of the Password Strength Checker, you can now easily find out and measure it. Enter your password or a similar one to check how strong it is.

Password Strength Checker


Information and tips on using the Password Strength Checker

How to create a really strong password and beat the Hackers?

You can beat the hackers by choosing a password long enough (at least 12 characters). A strong password is also difficult to guess because it consists of random characters only rather than meaningful words. A strong password basically looks like this: S + GfV $% # Rae8.

Simply type in your password and the calculator will tell you the strength of the password right away as you type. If you do not trust us, do not enter your password. Enter a similar one instead.

What are the most common weak passwords?

There have been several pieces of research on the subject and it has been found that most people prefer 123, 1234, 12345, 12356 as passwords. This is, of course, a big mistake, as hackers always try the most common passwords first. It is also not advisable to use common words, data, or any information as a password that is related to us and can be easily accessed publicly or after a little research work. These include family members ‘names, details of the home address, workplace, favorite colors, travel destinations, pets’ birth dates. You should definitely avoid these.

What should I do if the test or test results in a very weak, weak, or medium weak password?

Replace it immediately; fortunately, you can easily generate a strong password online here with just a single click. If you want to quickly create a list of dozens of passwords instead of a single password, here is an online password generator where you can create strong passwords with more detailed settings.

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