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Password Generator to make strong and secure passwords online. Generate unhackable passwords with Password Generator now. Thanks to our free online Password Generator you can create really strong passwords with just a single click.

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Information and tips on using the Password Generator

1. How do I use the free Password Generator?

The easiest way is to just simply click on Generate button with the default settings. If you want a longer password or exclude certain character types (which of course reduces the strength of the password), click on the appropriate checkbox.

2. What is the strongest type of password?

• Mix numbers, uppercase, uppercase, special characters and also punctuation.

• Be at least 12 characters long (this is the default setup of our Password Generator).

• Never include 123, 1234, 12345, 12356, etc.

• Avoid using any information that is personally identifiable and/or effortless to obtain (such as family members’ names, address, date of birth, personal identification numbers, telephone numbers, or other information that can be traced from for example your Facebook / Instagram page).

• The use of meaningful words also should be avoided. (This type of passwords can be solved by a technique called brute force when the hackers try many-many combinations of meaningful word by using a dictionary file).

3. How often should I generate a new password and change the old one?

Experts suggest changing your passwords every 3 to 6 months and generating and setting new ones.

4. Can I use the same password generated by the password generator for every / different account?

We strongly do not recommend it, because if we this password accidentally get in the wrong hands, they will be able to gain access to every account of yours. That is why it is also worth protecting multi-level authentication of critical online accounts such as online banking services. The essence of such solutions is that in addition to the password, a temporary or one-time password is also generated for the transaction. This password comes from another channel eg. to your mobile phone, and you will have to enter it on the bank interface after the first password.

5. Where can I store my passwords securely?

It is nothing worth making strong passwords with the Password Generator if your password is easily accessible to almost anyone. Make sure you do not store your password on a post-it stuck to the edge of your monitor and of course, do not share it with anyone as it is no longer a secret password. A good way to remember strong passwords is to look for words for each character and remember that as a sentence. A strong password looks like this: ‘1mDwiw.Tit6do7S!’ and you can turn it into a sentence like this, ‘One more Day, which is wonderful. This is the sixth day of the week, Saturday!’ Obviously, you can’t remember all of your passwords so you can use a password management application for storing all of your passwords in it. Don’t forget to protect this digital treasurer with a very strong password and regularly change it!

6. Does store the passwords generated here?

No, of course, we do not store any of them. The Password Generator is a Javascript program running in your browser so only you can access it. With all this in mind, make sure that the password you generate is not visible to anyone else.

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