Alcohol Dilution Calculator


With the Alcohol Dilution Calculator, you can easily calculate how much water is needed to reach the desired lower alcoholic strength.

Alcohol Dilution Calculator


What does the Alcohol Dilution Calculator do?

If you distil alcohol at home, you should dilute it before drinking. Measure the alcoholic strength at 20 degrees Celsius (or 69 Fahrenheit) and dilute at the same temperature. If the temperature is different, use a temperature correction table.

The first things you need to know before diluting are the alcoholic strength and the volume of the distilled alcohol. Use an alcoholmeter to measure the alcoholic strength. This tool is used for the simple measurement of alcohol content (in percentage) in alcoholic beverages with low sugar content. You can determine the volume by using any vessel with a volume scale.

Once you’ve finished that, all you need to do is decide about the new alcohol content of the drink. Enter all these data on the online platform of the Alcohol Dilution Calculator. We show you immediately how much water you have to add to reach the desired (lower) alcoholic strength.

What kind of water should I use when diluting alcohol?

For proper dilution – to ensure that the taste and flavour of the alcohol do not change – use distilled or demineralised water in the quantity specified by the Alcohol Dilution Calculator. Add the water gradually and slowly. This will ensure that the flavour and aroma of the alcohol remain harmonious. After dilution, you should measure the alcohol content of the distilled alcohol with the alcoholmeter once again, as the mixing ratio may vary slightly depending on the ambient temperature.

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