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Online Zodiac Sign Calculator for quick and easy determination of zodiac signs regarding to traditional horoscope. Enter your date of birth and we’ll show you which zodiac you were born in.

Zodiac Sign Calculator


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Zodiac signs and their characteristics:

ARIES: Keywords: Energy, will, fight, competition, action, masculinity, momentum, initiative. Negatives: selfishness, aggression, excessive haste. The ruling planet for the sign of Aries is Mars.

TAURUS: Keywords: Ownership, comfort, growth, retention. She loves security, she is interested in arts, beauty, fashion. Negative: slow, stubborn, overly sticky, lazy, money-hungry. Its ruling planet is Venus.

GEMINI: Keywords: Communication, broadcasting, communication. Its positives: lightness, lively, logical thinking, versatile interest, curiosity, flexible adaptation. Negatives: scattering, unsteadiness, excessive tendency to change, superficiality. Its ruling planet is Mercury.

CANCER: Keywords: Family-centered, sensitive, romantic, careful, accommodating, homely, love to care for others, to mother. Negatives: excessive anxiety, mood swings, selflessness, timidity. The ruling planet is the Moon.

LEO: Keywords: Striving for leadership, power, purposeful but capable of keeping things, more persistent than Aries. She is proud, generous and optimistic. Negatives: excessive desire for power, command, increased self-confidence. The ruling planet is the Sun.

VIRGO: Keywords: Precision, Accuracy, Caution. He cares a lot about his health, work is important for him. She likes to organize, gather. The downside: You can actually get sick because of excessive criticism, anxiety, worry, workaholism, over-occupation with health or too much work. Its ruling planet is Mercury.

LIBRA: Keywords: Relationships, diplomatic approach, striving for harmony, love of beauty, moderation, artistic interest. Negatives: indecision (because you do not want to hurt anyone), obsession, vanity, fashion worship, parallel relationships. Its ruling planet is Venus.

SCORPIO: Keywords: Extremity, transformation, passionate, spirituality, sexuality, research tendencies, toughness. They are interested in the issues of passing away, occult things and finances. Negatives: excessive fighting spirit, extreme behaviour, thinking, messing things up, devastating mood, toughness, overpowering emotions and passions, contradictions. Its ruling planet is Mars (traditionally) and Pluto (since it was discovered).

SAGITTARIUS: Keywords: Optimism, enthusiasm, sincerity, trust, idealism, desire for freedom. Negatives: naivety, over-trust in others, over-honesty, curiosity, increased need for independence, ambition. Its ruling planet is Jupiter.

CAPRICORN: Keywords: Perseverance, great willpower, workmanship, discipline, practicality, thrift. Negatives: rigidity, strictness, work mania, excessive materialism, does not express his emotions. Its ruling planet is Saturn.

AQUARIUS: Keywords: Human love, humane thinking, independence, originality, idea-111s, friendly behaviour. Negative: eccentricity, excessive autonomy, does not tolerate any restrictions. Its ruling planet is Saturn (traditionally) and Uranus (since it was discovered).

PISCES: Keywords: Deep emotion, self-sacrifice, background help others, romantic, tactful, compassionate, mysterious. Negatives: lack of sense of reality, tendency to be deceived, self-deception, concealment, influence, mood swings, shyness. Its ruling planets are Jupiter (traditionally) and Neptune (since it was discovered).

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