When is Friday the 13th? Calculator


When is the next Friday the 13th? Our Friday the 13th calculator tells you. Our calculator helps you to find out when Friday the 13th is/was in a given year. Moreover, we provide you with some useful information on this special day.

When is Friday the 13th? Calculator


Useful information on Friday the 13th and on the use of our “When is Friday the 13th” calculator

1. How does our “When is Friday the 13th?” calculator calculate?

Our “When is Friday the 13th?” calculator checks, in which months Friday falls on the 13th of the month. So, basically, it checks the calendar 12 times to decide whether the 13th day of a given month falls on Friday or not. Of course, our calculator does not only function within the current year. You can choose any year to see when Friday the 13th is/was. It means that you may even choose years in the past to see when Friday the 13th occurred.

2. Where does the Friday 13th superstition originate from?

To find the explanation for the origin of this superstition, we have to go back to ancient times. At least this is where we find the earliest negative opinion of this number; this was the time when the number 13 was first deemed unlucky. In the Norse mythology there is a story about 12 gods having dinner together. Loki, however, was not invited; he was the 13th (uninvited) guest. Being very furious, he arranged for Höðr to shoot Balder with an arrow. Balder died, and the whole Earth got dark. 

The unlucky nature of Friday comes from two events. Firstly, historians believe that Jesus was crucified on this day. Secondly, the fall of man also happened on Friday.

In Western cultures, the superstition of Friday the 13th ingrained in everyday life so much that in the USA, for example, there are no 13th floors in buildings, and rooms with the number 13 are also missing from hotels.

3. How many Friday the 13ths are there in a year?

Usually, there is one Friday the 13th in a year. Sometimes, however, it happens that there are three Friday the 13ths in a year (for example in 2015).

4. Things you should not do on Friday the 13th

If you believe in the superstition of Friday the 13th, you should avoid the following activities on this day to prevent any unlucky consequences:

  • Do not have a date on this day and do not get married on this day.
  • Do not go to the hairdresser or to the pedicurist.
  • Do not yawn.   
  • Do not get in a car. If possible, avoid any forms of travel on this day.

And here is a list of a couple of things that should be avoided every single day, not only on Friday the 13th:

  • Do not break any mirrors.
  • Steer clear of black cats, and do not let a black cat cross your path.
  • Do not open an umbrella inside a house.
  • Do not walk under a ladder.
  • Do not spill the salt. Yet, if it happens, throw some of the salt over your shoulder.

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