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Sunrise Sunset Calculator. Free online tool to calculate sunrise and sunset times for any date and any location.

Sunrise-Sunset Calculator


Usefull information about the Sunrise Sunset Calculator

How does the Sunrise – Sunset Calculator work?

Sunrise and sunset are determined by precise geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) and date. The calculator uses the US Navy Observatory’s algorithm to determine the exact time of sunrise and sunset at the given geographical location.

My place of residence is not on the list, what should I do?

Don’t worry, you still have two options. You can select My location in the Location dropdown to fetch your geolocation. If it’s not supported by your browser, you can still choose the option called ‘Other Location’ in The Sunrise – Sunset calculator and enter the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the location.

Why are the location and the date are important when calculating sunrise and sunset time?

The place is because the earth is spherical, so the sun reaches / leaves at different times in different places. The date takes into account because of the angle at which the sun hits the earth, which is also important in determining the exact time of sunrise and sunset.

Why is the sunset so beautiful?

The sun initially emits white light, but it is scattered through the air molecules so it changes the final color of the beam the viewer sees. This is because the shorter wavelength components (for example blue and green) scatter more strongly, so these colors are preferentially removed from the beam resulting the warm ‘romantic’ color of the sunset.

Does the sunrise have the same effect?

Yes, but the sunset is more beautiful than the sunrise, because the air is more polluted in the evening, so the effect is stronger.

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