Speech to Text Converter


The Speech to Text Converter is a free multilingual application that helps transcribe notes, documents, books, reports, or blog posts by using your voice. It is a free tool that requires no download, installation, or registration. To start dictating, simply click on the microphone button. Additionally, you can use the voice commands below.


The Speech to Text Converter is an online tool that can be accessed through Google Chrome. It requires no downloads, installations, or registrations, so you can begin using it immediately. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click on the microphone icon
  2. Your browser will prompt you to allow the site to access your microphone. Click "Allow."
  3. Begin dictating. Speak slowly and clearly, and emphasize correct diction while spacing your words for better results.

This tool is also useful for learning proper pronunciation in foreign languages and developing fluency in speaking skills. Speech recognition accuracy levels exceed 90%, although results may vary based on factors such as language, speaker, microphone quality, and environmental noise.


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