Room Heating Calculator


Would you like to know what radiator performance (kW / BTU) you need for a room? Our Room Heating Calculator helps you to easily calculate an estimate based on the room sizes and the insulation. Find your room’s BTU requirement now.

Room Heating Calculator


Room Heating Calculator – what radiator performance do you need?

The Room Heating Calculator above only provides an estimation for the number and sizes of radiators needed. For the calculation we used the following radiator scaling formula:

  • X*Y*Z*K=necessary radiator performance in W

The letters of the formula stand for the following:

  • X – the length of the room
  • Y – the width of the room
  • Z – the height of the room
  • K – correction factor for 1 cubic metre of air which also takes into consideration the insulation of the building

It is important to know that the calculation run with this calculator does not replace a precise technical plan created by an expert. During scaling, an expert will also take significant technical parameters into consideration. These are for example the type ceiling, the number of heated rooms next to this room, the number and size of windows and the type of heating (in the case of condensing boilers, the performance of radiators needs to be scaled higher because the temperature of the heating water is lower).

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