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Roman Numerals Converter for easily converting Roman numerals to Arabic or Arabic to Roman numerals. Roman numerals to Arabic online is now really easy with us. Thanks to our free conversion tool, you can convert Roman numeral to Arabic and vice versa at a glance.

Roman Numerals Converter

Example Roman Numerals Conversions

1 in Roman numerals2 in Roman numerals3 in Roman numerals4 in Roman numerals
5 in Roman numerals6 in Roman numerals7 in Roman numerals8 in Roman numerals
9 in Roman numerals10 in Roman numerals11 in Roman numerals12 in Roman numerals
13 in Roman numerals14 in Roman numerals15 in Roman numerals16 in Roman numerals
17 in Roman numerals18 in Roman numerals19 in Roman numerals20 in Roman numerals
21 in Roman numerals22 in Roman numerals23 in Roman numerals24 in Roman numerals
25 in Roman numerals26 in Roman numerals27 in Roman numerals28 in Roman numerals
29 in Roman numerals30 in Roman numerals31 in Roman numerals32 in Roman numerals
33 in Roman numerals34 in Roman numerals35 in Roman numerals36 in Roman numerals
37 in Roman numerals38 in Roman numerals39 in Roman numerals40 in Roman numerals
41 in Roman numerals42 in Roman numerals43 in Roman numerals44 in Roman numerals
45 in Roman numerals46 in Roman numerals47 in Roman numerals48 in Roman numerals
49 in Roman numerals50 in Roman numerals51 in Roman numerals52 in Roman numerals
I in decimal (arabic numerals)II in decimal (arabic numerals)III in decimal (arabic numerals)IV in decimal (arabic numerals)
V in decimal (arabic numerals)VI in decimal (arabic numerals)VII in decimal (arabic numerals)VIII in decimal (arabic numerals)
IX in decimal (arabic numerals)X in decimal (arabic numerals)XI in decimal (arabic numerals)XII in decimal (arabic numerals)
XIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XIV in decimal (arabic numerals)XV in decimal (arabic numerals)XVI in decimal (arabic numerals)
XVII in decimal (arabic numerals)XVIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XIX in decimal (arabic numerals)XX in decimal (arabic numerals)
XXI in decimal (arabic numerals)XXII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXIV in decimal (arabic numerals)
XXV in decimal (arabic numerals)XXVI in decimal (arabic numerals)XXVII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXVIII in decimal (arabic numerals)
XXIX in decimal (arabic numerals)XXX in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXI in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXII in decimal (arabic numerals)
XXXIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXIV in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXV in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXVI in decimal (arabic numerals)
XXXVII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXVIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XXXIX in decimal (arabic numerals)XL in decimal (arabic numerals)
XLI in decimal (arabic numerals)XLII in decimal (arabic numerals)XLIII in decimal (arabic numerals)XLIV in decimal (arabic numerals)
XLV in decimal (arabic numerals)XLVI in decimal (arabic numerals)XLVII in decimal (arabic numerals)XLVIII in decimal (arabic numerals)
XLIX in decimal (arabic numerals)L in decimal (arabic numerals)LI in decimal (arabic numerals)LII in decimal (arabic numerals)

Information about using the Roman Numerals Converter

1. How does the converter work?

The usage is very simple. If you type the number in one input field, than the result of the conversion immediately shows up on the other field. If you want to convert a new roman numerals to decimal, or a decimal to roman numaerals, just hit the CLEAR button.

2. How to convert a Roman numeral to decimal (arabic numeral)?

Roman numerals are converted using the following symbols:

• M = 1000

• D = 500

• C = 100

• L = 50

• X = 10

• V = 5

• I = 1

By combining the above Roman numerals you can convert a specific Roman numeral to Arabic.  This system uses subtractive notation which means that you can get some of the numbers by using the subtract method. For example, if we want to describe the Arabic numeral four, we can describe it as an Arabic numeral by subtraction as Roman numeral 1 (I) before the Roman numeral (V) as follows: IV. The same method can be used for larger values. For example, the CM stands for 900.

It is important to know that by using the above numbers and using the symbol system described above the largest number that can be represented in this notation is 3,999. With all of this in mind, the converter can handle and convert Roman numerals from 1 to 3999.

3. How to convert an Arabic numeral (decimal) to a Roman one?

It’s very simple, just use the notation system described in the previous paragraph inverted. Suppose we want to describe 2020 as a Roman numeral. Thousand digits are represented by the Roman numeral M, doubling it to 2000, while the conversion of the tens to the Roman numeral can be accomplished by the double use of the X symbol. The result will be MMXX.

4. Roman numerals and Arabic numerals 1 through 100 are as follows.


All Roman numerals from 1 to 3999 can be downloaded here.

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