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Free online QR Code Generator application for creating your own QR code. Resizable, instantly downloadable QR code maker online.

QR Code Generator

Auto (M) L (Low) M (Medium) Q (Quartile) H (High)


Tips,tricks on using the QR code generator:

1. How do I use the QR Code Generator?

Simply type what you want to store in your QR code in the window under ‘Your text to encode’.  Once you start typing, the QR code will be generated immediately.

2.How can I save a QR code generated by a QR Code Generator?

You can save your QR code (which is a PNG image) by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save Image As’ in your internet browser.

3. What are the options for configuring the QR code generator?

QR-Code type Number / Version: This is a number from 0 to 40, indicating how many base units the QR code contains. The higher the version number, the more information can be stored in the QR code. The QR Code Generator automatically increases the version number according to the amount of information entered in the ‘Your text to encode’ window.

• Correction Level: This parameter determines the degree of tolerance of the generated QR code. Because the QR code is scanned under different light conditions, and it may also happen that not all parts of the generated QR code are visible, it is important that a bad scan does not clearly cause the code to be corrupted. The fault tolerance codes in the QR code can handle the following losses, error rates: L (7%), M (15%), Q (25%), H (30%).

• Generated QR Code Size: Use the slider to specify the size of the QR code in pixels between 100 and 500. The default is 250, which means that you get a 250×250 QR code in pixels.

4. How does the QR code generator work? QR code generation is done using a mathematical algorithm based on Reed-Solomon error correction. For example, if you choose the Q correction level then if you only can scan 75 percent of the QR code, it’s still readable and decodable.

5. Where can I use the QR code? Virtually almost anywhere you wanted to. The QR code is easy to read even in adverse conditions and the information stored in it can be easily decoded so it can be used on a business card, t-shirt, poster, large advertisement, or even on a moving car.

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