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Full PETSCII Chart Table for easily find dec, hex PETSCII-code. PETSCII-code is a variant of ASCII Code and also known as CBM ASCII. PETSCII used in Commodore Business Machines’ 8-bit home computers. We also listed the Unicode equivalent for almost each PETSCII-code, please bear in mind that not all of the characters encoded by PETSCII have a corresponding Unicode substitute.

The PETSCII codes listed in the charts below are used in CBM PET, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Plus 4, and Commodore 16 computers (however control characters differ between these machines).


0$00 -
1$01 -
2$02 -
3$03 U+0003Stop
4$04 -
5$05 -White
6$06 -
7$07 -
8$08 -Disable C=-Shift
9$09 -Enable C=-Shift
10$0A -
11$0B -
12$0C -
13$0D U+000DReturn
14$0E -Lower Case
15$0F -
16$10 -
17$11 -Cursor Down
18$12 -Reverse On
19$13 -Home
20$14 U+007FDelete
21$15 -
22$16 -
23$17 -
24$18 -
25$19 -
26$1A -
27$1B -
28$1C -Red
29$1D -Cursor Right
30$1E -Green
31$1F -Blue
32$20 U+0020
33$21! U+0021
35$23# U+0023
36$24$ U+0024
37$25% U+0025
38$26& U+0026
39$27' U+0027
40$28( U+0028
41$29) U+0029
42$2A* U+002A
43$2B+ U+002B
44$2C, U+002C
45$2D- U+002D
46$2E. U+002E
47$2F/ U+002F
48$300 U+0030
49$311 U+0031
50$322 U+0032
51$333 U+0033
52$344 U+0034
53$355 U+0035
54$366 U+0036
55$377 U+0037
56$388 U+0038
57$399 U+0039
58$3A: U+003A
59$3B; U+003B
60$3C< U+003C
61$3D= U+003D
62$3E> U+003E
63$3F? U+003F
64$40@ U+0040
65$41A a U+0041 U+0061
66$42B b U+0042 U+0062
67$43C c U+0043 U+0063
68$44D d U+0044 U+0064
69$45E e U+0045 U+0065
70$46F f U+0046 U+0066
71$47G g U+0047 U+0067
72$48H h U+0048 U+0068
73$49I i U+0049 U+0069
74$4AJ j U+004A U+006A
75$4BK k U+004B U+006B
76$4CL l U+004C U+006C
77$4DM m U+004D U+006D
78$4EN n U+004E U+006E
79$4FO o U+004F U+006F
80$50P p U+0050 U+0070
81$51Q q U+0051 U+0071
82$52R r U+0052 U+0072
83$53S s U+0053 U+0073
84$54T t U+0054 U+0074
85$55U u U+0055 U+0075
86$56V v U+0056 U+0076
87$57W w U+0057 U+0077
88$58X x U+0058 U+0078
89$59Y y U+0059 U+0079
90$5AZ z U+005A U+007A
91$5B[ U+005B
92$5C£ U+00A3
93$5D] U+005D
94$5E U+2191
95$5F U+2190
96$60 U+2500
97$61♠ A U+2660 U+0041
98$62│ B U+2502 U+0042
99$63─ C U+2500 U+0043
100$64� D - U+0044
101$65� E - U+0045
102$66� F - U+0046
103$67� G - U+0047
104$68� H - U+0048
105$69╮ I U+256E U+0049
106$6A╰ J U+2570 U+004A
107$6B╯ K U+256F U+004B
108$6C� L - U+004C
109$6D╲ M U+2572 U+004D
110$6E╱ N U+2571 U+004E
111$6F� O - U+004F
112$70� P - U+0050
113$71● Q U+25CF U+0051
114$72� R - U+0052
115$73♥ S U+2665 U+0053
116$74� T - U+0054
117$75╭ U U+256D U+0055
118$76╳ V U+2573 U+0056
119$77○ W U+25CB U+0057
120$78♣ X U+2663 U+0058
121$79� Y - U+0059
122$7A♦ Z U+2666 U+005A
123$7B U+253C
124$7C -
125$7D U+2502
126$7Eπ ▒ U+03C0 U+2592
127$7F◥ � U+25E5 -
128$80 -
129$81 -Orange
130$82 -
131$83 -Run
132$84 -
133$85 -F1
134$86 -F3
135$87 -F5
136$88 -F7
137$89 -F2
138$8A -F4
139$8B -F6
140$8C -F8
141$8D U+000AShift-Return
142$8E -Upper Case
143$8F -
144$90 -Black
145$91 -Cursor Up
146$92 -Reverse Off
147$93 -Clear
148$94 -Insert
149$95 -Brown
150$96 -Pink
151$97 -Dark Grey
152$98 -Grey
153$99 -Light Green
154$9A -Light blue
155$9B -Light Grey
156$9C -Purple
157$9D -Cursor Left
158$9E -Yellow
159$9F -Cyan
160$A0 U+00A0
161$A1 U+258C
162$A2 U+2584
163$A3 U+2594
164$A4 U+2581
165$A5 U+258F
166$A6 U+2592
167$A7 U+2595
168$A8 -
169$A9◤ � U+25E4 -
170$AA -
171$AB U+251C
172$AC U+2597
173$AD U+2514
174$AE U+2510
175$AF U+2582
176$B0 U+250C
177$B1 U+2534
178$B2 U+252C
179$B3 U+2524
180$B4 U+258E
181$B5 U+258D
182$B6 -
183$B7 -
184$B8 -
185$B9 U+2583
186$BA� ✓ - U+2713
187$BB U+2596
188$BC U+259D
189$BD U+2518
190$BE U+2598
191$BF U+259A
192$C0 U+2500
193$C1♠ A U+2660 U+0041
194$C2│ B U+2502 U+0042
195$C3━ C U+2500 U+0043
196$C4� D - U+0044
197$C5� E - U+0045
198$C6� F - U+0046
199$C7� G - U+0047
200$C8� H - U+0048
201$C9╮ I U+256E U+0049
202$CA╰ J U+2570 U+004A
203$CB╯ K U+256F U+004B
204$CC� L - U+004C
205$CD╲ M U+2572 U+004D
206$CE╱ N U+2571 U+004E
207$CF� O - U+004F
208$D0� P - U+0050
209$D1● Q U+25CF U+0051
210$D2� R - U+0052
211$D3♥ S U+2665 U+0053
212$D4� T - U+0054
213$D5╭ U U+256D U+0055
214$D6╳ V U+2573 U+0056
215$D7○ W U+25CB U+0057
216$D8♣ X U+2663 U+0058
217$D9� Y - U+0059
218$DA♦ Z U+2666 U+005A
219$DB U+253C
220$DC -
221$DD U+2502
222$DEπ ▒ U+03C0 U+2592
223$DF◥ � U+25E5 -
224$E0[44] U+00A0
225$E1 U+258C
226$E2 U+2584
227$E3 U+2594
228$E4 U+2581
229$E5 U+258F
230$E6 U+2592
231$E7 U+2595
232$E8 -
233$E9◤ � U+25E4 -
234$EA -
235$EB U+251C
236$EC U+2597
237$ED U+2514
238$EE U+2510
239$EF U+2582
240$F0 U+250C
241$F1 U+2534
242$F2 U+252C
243$F3 U+2524
244$F4 U+258E
245$F5 U+258D
246$F6 -
247$F7 -
248$F8 -
249$F9 U+2583
250$FA� ✓ - U+2713
251$FB U+2596
252$FC U+259D
253$FD U+2518
254$FE U+2598
255$FFπ ▒ U+03C0 U+2592


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