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Tips and Tips on Percentage Calculation

Percentages are also a way of expressing the relationship between two numbers as a fraction of 100. In other words, percentages tell us how one number relates to another. Calculating a percentage is very similar to putting a fraction together and then, regardless of the number, just calculate the denominator to 100. Since, by definition, percentages are fractions of 100, if you leave the denominator blank, the calculator will return 100.

If the sum (value as the denominator) is not a multiple of 100, calculating the percentage can be more complicated. Note that in the last example, we start with a real number greater than 1, and after moving two decimal places, we calculate a percentage greater than 100. The calculator will round the percentage to two decimal places, but you will see a more accurate percentage if the calculator rounds where the main result is.

A lot of percent problems turn out to be easy to calculate when you give them a little thought. Here’s a trick (Source: Basic Math for Dummies) that makes certain tough-looking percent problems so easy that you can do them in your head. Simply move the percent sign from one number to the other and flip the order of the numbers.

Suppose someone wants you to figure out the following:

88% of 50

Finding 88% of anything isn’t an activity that anybody looks forward to. But an easy way of solving the problem is to switch it around:

88% of 50 = 50% of 88

This move is perfectly valid, and it makes the problem a lot easier. 50% of 88 is simply half of 88:

88% of 50 = 50% of 88 = 44

As another example, suppose you want to find

7% of 200

Again, finding 7% is tricky, but finding 200% is simple, so switch the problem around:

7% of 200 = 200% of 7

To find 200% of any number, you just multiply that number by 2:

7% of 200 = 200% of 7 = 2 * 7 = 14

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