Online camera mirror to see yourself on the screen and to test how other people see you. Works with your computer and telephone camera without downloading and/or installing any app and of course, the online mirror is totally free to use. The online mirror needs your camera in order to work. Click on the Turn on the mirror button now.

How does the online camera mirror work?

Simply by enabling the camera on your device (for example the webcam connecting to your computer or your cellphone’s camera). When this is done, your browser can access your camera stream and a small program is able to show you this video stream. That’s how the online mirror works.

How secure is the online mirror?

Don’t worry. Only you can see yourself, others can’t see you. The free online mirror app is running in your browser so your camera stream stays inside your device. The only way to someone see you is that someone is behind you.

What is an online mirror good for?

The online camera mirror is good to see yourself on your mobile phone or computer screen. You can also check if your camera or webcam is working. Many of our visitors use the online mirror to test how other people see them before they joining a video conference call. The online camera also good for checking in the office if there is anyone behind you.

Do I need to download or install any program/app for the online camera mirror to work?

Definitely no. You don’t need any program or app for this, just a modern browser like Google Chrome to enjoy our online mirror app.

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