Ideal weight for 192.6 cm male


This free Ideal Weight Calculator estimates ideal bodyweight (IBW) based on the 6 most popular formulas. If you simply and quickly want to find out your estimated ideal body weight based on your height and gender, use our free Ideal Weight Calculator.

Ideal Weight Calculator

Results are only accurate for those who are at least 153 cm tall.


Ideal Weight Calculator

Results are only accurate for those who are at least 5 feet tall.


How to use the Ideal Weight Calculator

The Ideal Weight Calculator is a really easy-to-use tool to check the appropriate weight for the given height of a person. First choose the unit systems: metric is for kg & cm, US units is for feet, inches, and pounds. The only thing you have to do is set your gender and your height in the chosen unit system and then click on the Calculate button.


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How do you calculate your ideal body weight?

To calculate your ideal body weight, you can use the following formulas:

Hamwi formula (1964)1

  • Men Wt (lb) = 106 + 6 × (Ht − 60 in)
  • Women Wt (lb) = 100 + 5 × (Ht − 60 in)

Devine formula (1974)2

  • Men Wt (kg) = 50.0 + 2.3 × (Ht − 60 in)
  • Women Wt (kg) = 45.5 + 2.3 × (Ht − 60 in)

Robinson formula (1983)3

  • Men Wt (kg) = 52 + 1.9 × (Ht − 60 in)
  • Women Wt (kg) = 49 + 1.7 × (Ht − 60 in)

Miller formula (1983)4

  • Men Wt (kg) = 56.2 + 1.41 × (Ht − 60 in)
  • Women Wt (kg) = 53.1 + 1.36 × (Ht − 60 in)

Peterson formula (2016)5

  • US Wt (lb) = 5 × BMI + (BMI ÷ 5) × (Ht − 60 in)
  • Metric Wt (kg) = 2.2 × BMI + 3.5 × BMI × (Ht − 1.5 m)

BMI formula for calculating ideal weight based on height6

(For most adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range.)

  • Ideal Weightmin  = 18.5*(Ht)2
  • Ideal Weightmax = 24.9*(Ht)2


Whate are the limitations of IBW calculation?

Like all simple calculations, the Ideal Body Weight Calculator has some important limitations. First, although IBW or desirable weight was originally defined as the weight associated with the greatest life expectancy at each height, there is no single ideal weight that applies universally to all comorbidities and mortality-specific causes, and there is no single ideal weight that is applicable across all demographic factors, including age and ethnicity.

Second, IBW equations predict a single target body weight, whereas most clinicians favor, and the empirical data support, a range of target body weights. Third, IBW equations underestimated body weight at shorter heights and overestimated body weights at taller heights. For these reasons, IBW equations have largely been replaced by BMI-index, and BMI ranges.

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