DOT-number Converter


DOT-number Converter to easily find out how old your tires are? Our DOT-number Converter exactly tells you when your tire was made. All you have to do is look for the DOT inscription on the tire wall, then read and enter the last 4 digits in the calculator (see the notation in the picture above).

DOT-number Converter


Useful information regarding the DOT-number converter

1. What is the DOT number and how to “decode” it, ie how does the DOT number converter work?

The DOT number is located on the sidewall of each tire and consists essentially of 12 characters, which can be seen in the 4-4 group of characters. The first 4 groups of characters indicate the place of manufacture and other tire size data, the second 4 are always a specific number regarding the manufacturer (brand), and the last 4 numbers indicate the date of manufacture. The first two digits indicate the week the tire was made, while the last two indicate the year of manufacture. The DOT number calculator uses this information to convert your DOT number into a human-readable date. If the dot number contains only 3 digits, the year of manufacture of the tire is before 2000.

2. What if the DOT number is only 3 digits?

Avoid that tire immediately, the 3-digit DOT number refers to pre-2000 production which is already useless.

3. How much time can I use my tire?

In the case of a car tire, the manufacturer warrants the tire for a certain period of time, which is typically 5 years. Technically the tire is designed for running for about 10 years, but only when it is stored carefully. After the 10th birthday of the tire, the rubber material undergoes changes that make it no longer able to carry out its function properly, and its adhesion is getting worse. Of course, it is also important to see that not only age but profile depth also matters a lot.

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