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Thanks to our Decimal to Fraction Calculator, Converting a decimal to a fraction is super-easy. Just enter the decimal number and we’ll convert it to fraction.

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

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Example Decimal to Fraction Calculations

0.01 as a fraction0.02 as a fraction0.03 as a fraction0.04 as a fraction
0.05 as a fraction0.06 as a fraction0.07 as a fraction0.08 as a fraction
0.09 as a fraction0.1 as a fraction0.11 as a fraction0.12 as a fraction
0.13 as a fraction0.14 as a fraction0.15 as a fraction0.16 as a fraction
0.17 as a fraction0.18 as a fraction0.19 as a fraction0.2 as a fraction
0.21 as a fraction0.22 as a fraction0.23 as a fraction0.24 as a fraction
0.25 as a fraction0.26 as a fraction0.27 as a fraction0.28 as a fraction
0.29 as a fraction0.3 as a fraction0.31 as a fraction0.32 as a fraction
0.33 as a fraction0.34 as a fraction0.35 as a fraction0.36 as a fraction
0.37 as a fraction0.38 as a fraction0.39 as a fraction0.4 as a fraction
0.41 as a fraction0.42 as a fraction0.43 as a fraction0.44 as a fraction
0.45 as a fraction0.46 as a fraction0.47 as a fraction0.48 as a fraction
0.49 as a fraction0.5 as a fraction0.51 as a fraction0.52 as a fraction
0.53 as a fraction0.54 as a fraction0.55 as a fraction0.56 as a fraction
0.57 as a fraction0.58 as a fraction0.59 as a fraction0.6 as a fraction
0.61 as a fraction0.62 as a fraction0.63 as a fraction0.64 as a fraction
0.65 as a fraction0.66 as a fraction0.67 as a fraction0.68 as a fraction
0.69 as a fraction0.7 as a fraction0.71 as a fraction0.72 as a fraction
0.73 as a fraction0.74 as a fraction0.75 as a fraction0.76 as a fraction
0.77 as a fraction0.78 as a fraction0.79 as a fraction0.8 as a fraction
0.81 as a fraction0.82 as a fraction0.83 as a fraction0.84 as a fraction
0.85 as a fraction0.86 as a fraction0.87 as a fraction0.88 as a fraction
0.89 as a fraction0.9 as a fraction0.91 as a fraction0.92 as a fraction
0.93 as a fraction0.94 as a fraction0.95 as a fraction0.96 as a fraction
0.97 as a fraction0.98 as a fraction0.99 as a fraction1 as a fraction

How to convert a decimal number to a fraction number?

Here are 3 easy steps on how to convert a decimal number to a fraction number easily.

  1. First, write the decimal number in fractional form with 1 in the denominator. Eg: decimal fraction / 1
  2. Multiply both the numerator and the denominator by ten as many times as the number after the decimal point. So if there are three numbers after the decimal point, then use 1000.
  3. Finally, simplify the fraction by finding the greatest common divisor of the number in the numerator or denominator.

It’s that simple. Let’s look at an example of how it works in practice! Let’s say that decimal is 0.75. And now we will perform the steps described above on this decimal number to convert it to a fraction number.

  1. 0.75 / 1
  2. 75/100 (multiply by 100 because there are 2 more numbers after the decimal point).
  3. Since the greatest common divisor of 75 and 100 is 25, we divide both the numerator and the denominator by 25, so the final result is 3/4.

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