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Free online Biorhythm Calculator. Biorhythm calculator for everyone who wants to know their current physical, emotional and intellectual levels. If you want to know the peak points of your physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, enter your date of birth and we will give you the curves in a second.

Biorhythm Calculator

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1. What does biorhythm mean? What is biorhythm calculation good for?

The developer of biorhythm was Wilhelm Fliess, who was born and practised in Berlin in the 19th century. He believed that human life is interwoven with cyclic events. According to his theory, this cyclicity is valid for the physical, emotional and intellectual status of humans. This way, a formula may be used to calculate why we are full of energy one day or completely devastated a few weeks later.

2. What does the physical state mean in the Biorhythm Calculator?

Physical state in the biorhythm describes our general well-being, physical energy and vitality. This cycle lasts for 23 days.

3. What does the emotional state mean in the Biorhythm Calculator?

The emotional cycle, which is 28 days long, quantifies our creativity, sensitivity, mood and consciousness.

4. What does the intellectual state mean in the Biorhythm Calculator?

The intellectual state, which is the longest of all cycles (33 days) informs us about our logical skills, the operation of our memory, the analytical skills of our mind and our sharp wit in general.

5. How is biorhythm calculated and interpreted?

Biorhythm is calculated from the cycles explained above with the following formula: sin(2π*cycle length). Values vary between +100% and -100%. Within the biorhythm, +100 percent of status means the best, highest value and -100 percent means the worst, lowest value. The daily changes of curves show clearly how your different biorhythm levels changed in the past and what is expected for the following days.

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