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Free online Biorhythm Calculator with the most extras. Biorhythm calculator for everyone who wants to know their current physical, emotional and intellectual levels. If you want to know the peak points of your physical, emotional, and intellectual capacity, enter your date of birth and we will give you the curves in a second.

Biorhythm Calculator with most extras.


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How Can I use the Biorhythm Calculator?

The Biorhythm Calculator Chart displays the four primary biorhythms by default. You can set your birthday to get your biorhythm values. You can also drag the biorhythm chart left or right using the left mouse button or use the mouse wheel to scroll. The black rectangle that marks one of the days in the chart is called the X day. You can change the X day by dragging it with the right mouse button or by holding the Ctrl key and dragging it with the left mouse button.

At the bottom-right of the chart, a legend can be found, containing the names and the colors of the displayed biorhythms. By clicking the color square or the labels, the color used to draw the corresponding biorhythm in the chart can be changed.  At the top-left and top-right of the chart are two labels with the first and last day displayed in the chart. Clicking on the labels, a date picker is displayed to modify the corresponding value. The other value will be modified accordingly. The chart will always display the biorhythm charts for a range of 30 days.

The first and last days can also be modified by scrolling or dragging the chart right/left. Bellow the chart a section exists that shows the current values (as percentages) of the displayed biorhythms for the X day. Credit goes to Alexandru Luga who made this excellent Biorhythm Calculator.

What does biorhythm mean? What is biorhythm calculation good for?

The developer of biorhythm was Wilhelm Fliess, who was born and practiced in Berlin in the 19th century. He believed that human life is interwoven with cyclic events. According to his theory, this cyclicity is valid for the physical, emotional, and intellectual status of humans. This way, a formula may be used to calculate why we are full of energy one day or completely devastated a few weeks later.

What does the physical state mean in the Biorhythm Calculator?

Physical state in the biorhythm describes our general well-being, physical energy, and vitality. This cycle lasts for 23 days.

What does the emotional state mean in the Biorhythm Calculator?

The emotional cycle, which is 28 days long, quantifies our creativity, sensitivity, mood, and consciousness.

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