What day was it? Calculator

Would you like to know what day of the week you were born? Or are you curious what day of the week a famous historical event happened? Use our perpetual calendar calculator: if you enter a past or a future date, it will tell you, which day of the week it was or will be.

"What day is / what day was it?" Calculator

This calculator tells you easily on which day of the week the date entered fell or will fall.
Click here to run the "what day it is / what day was it" calculation and see the result.

Practical information about our “What day is/was it?” calculator

  • Many people want to know on which day of the week a date fell. If you enter an arbitrary date, our perpetual calendar calculator tells you whether it fell on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Did you know that Independence Day ( July 4, 1776, USA ) fell on Friday? Our calculator may be used with any arbitrary date to check on which day it fell.
  • Which calendar is used by the calculator? We use the Gregorian calendar which was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. It was introduced on 4 October 1582 and the next day was 15 October 1582 because some days had to be omitted for the adoption of the new calendar. That is why our perpetual calendar calculator works only for days after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar (15 October 1582).
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