Ovulation Calculator

Would you like to know on which days are you most fertile? If you use our Ovulation calculator – you can calculate the expected date of your ovulation, as well as your most fertile days.

Ovulation calculator

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Useful information about the Ovulation Calculator and your menstrual cycle

How does Ovulation Calculator work?

The calculation of ovulation is based on the number of days between two bleedings. Ovulation happens typically between them. For example, if your menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days (this is the most frequent case), ovulation is expected to happen 14 days after your last bleeding. This is the so-called calendar method. The determination of ovulation, however, might be more precise from numerous other physical symptoms (e.g. body temperature, vagina discharge etc.).

Calculation of the most fertile days

As sperms might be viable in the vagina even for 4–5 days, the best days for a sexual intercourse are the 5 days before ovulation. Fertility is highest 1–2 days before ovulation; moreover, it is said that it is also worth trying on the days after ovulation.

Other information regarding the Ovulation Calculator

  • Ovulation tests are available in pharmacies which help you to determine the exact time of ovulation. It is especially useful for women who do not experience any physical symptoms or do not know the exact average length of their menstrual cycle.
  • If you are already pregnant and you want to know how many days pregnant you are and when the baby is due, use our pregnancy calculator.
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