Online Stopwatch

Supersimple online stopwatch to measure the amount of time that elapses between any activity. Our free online stopwatch is easy to use and milliseconds accurate.


How to use the online stopwatch?

If you want to start the online stopwatch click on the START button and the stopwatch immediately starts. If you want to pause or stop the watch click on the STOP button. Now you have two buttons. If you want to start again the stopwatch without resetting the timer, click on the START button again. If you want to start a new timer, then click on the RESET button than START again. It’s so simple. The online stopwatch shows the current timer also in the browser’s title.

How accurate is the stopwatch?

Online stopwatch is milliseconds accurate. A millisecond is a thousandth of a second and 1000 milliseconds is one second. This means that if you are fast enough you can measure a housefly’s wing flap which takes only 3 milliseconds. In fact, this can not be measured because of the average human reaction time is 284 milliseconds.