Mortgage Overpayment Calculator

You have a mortgage and do you want know to how overpaying on your mortgage could save you a lot of money? Use our free online Mortgage Overpayment Calculator to find out.

How to use the Mortgage Overpayment Calculator?

  1. Please read our Term of Use before making any calculation and also read the limitation below.
  2. First set the initial values of your mortgage.
    • Set the full amount of the mortgage (default value is 250 000).
    • Set the lenght of the mortgage in years (default is 25 years).
    • Sate the interest rate (default is 4.5 percent).
  3. As soon as all the initial value successfully set, the Mortgage Overpayment Calculator immediately shows the monthly payment value and you can also see every important information in tabular and also in graphical format.
  4. You can set two type of overpayments:
    • With monthly overpayment you can set a fix amount you are willing to pay on each and every month.
    • With one-time overpayment you can set a one-time amount you want to pay in specific date. The Mortgage Overpayment Calculator can deal with more than one one-time payment so you can add any.
  5. Limitations of our Mortgage Overpayment Calculator: The calculator uses fix interest rate in the given period and doesn’t use any kind of penalty or overpayment fee so you can calculate a good estimate regarding to your own mortgage overpayment.
  6. Before you make any decision regarding overpaying your mortgage, consult with your lender on the opportunities and limitations you may have or you may face. It is also very important to get a quote and double check everything with your lawyer for the best personal result.
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