Length Unit Converter

Easy to use online length unit converter for fast length conversion.  You can use it to convert from kilometer to mile, meter to foot, yard, inch, and vice versa. Simple, fast, free and reliable conversion between many length type measurement units.

Length Unit Converter

Length Unit Conversion from and to foot, mile, metre, inch, yard, centimeter, milimetre, etc.
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Information and tips for using the Length Unit Converter

1. What kind length measurement units does the Length Unit Converter know and can handle?

• The International System of Units (SI), which is based on meters and the length units derived from it, such as: picometer (pm), nanometer (nm), micrometer (nm), millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm) , decameter (dkm), hectometer (hm), kilometer (km).

• Length measurement units used in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement or used in the past such as miles (mile), nautical mile (feet), feet (inches), yards, yards (fathom).

• Astronomical measurement units of length such as light-year, parsec, astronomical unit and also the Moon distance.

2. How do I use the online Length Unit Conversion tool?

First, enter the unit of measurement you want to convert from. Then enter the exact value you want to change to the other unit. By default, this value is 1. Finally, select the unit to which you want to convert. Once you are done, you just have to hit the button called ‘Convert’ and you will see the result of the conversion immediately.

3. What are the most common conversions between the different length units?

The most common and most searched conversions are listed below.

• 1 meter = 10 decimeters (dm).

• 1 meter = 100 centimeters (cm).

• 1 meter = 1000 millimeters (mm).

• 1 meter = 3.28084 feet.

• 1 foot = 0.3048 meters.

• 1 meter = 1.09361 yards.

• 1 yard = 0.9144 yards.

• 1 centimeter = 0.3937 inches.

• 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (or equal to 25.4 millimeters).

• 1 mile = 0.62137 miles.

• 1 mile = 1.60934 kilometers (or equal to 1609.34 meters).

• 1 light year = 9,460,730,472,580 kilometers or 9,460,730,472,580,080 meters.

4. How to convert foot to square feet?

The short answer is no way. Meter and foot is a unit of length, while a square meter and square feet denote an area so they are not interchangeable.

5. Meter or meter? Which spelling is correct?

In short, each one. ‘Meter’ is the correct form used in America and ‘metre’ is used outside of America.

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