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Would you like to know the fuel efficiency of your car/motorbike and how much it costs to travel 1 kilometre/mile? Use our average fuel consumption and cost per km/mile calculator!

  1. Enter the distance covered in kilometres or miles.
  2. Enter the fuel consumed for the distance entered above in l or gal.
  3. If you also want to know the fuel cost for 1 km/1 mile, enter the current fuel price, as well.

Average fuel consumption and cost per km/mile calculator

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Note: You can see the results below: the average fuel consumption, as well as the fuel cost for 1 km/1 mile (if you had entered the price of fuel).

Tips, information for using the Average Consumption and Miles Cost Calculator

1. How to calculate average consumption?

The formula is relatively simple, divide the amount of gasoline consumed on a given road by the distance traveled and then multiply the result by 100. So if, for example, on a 430 miles road, the car consumed 5 gallons of gasoline, then the average fuel consumption (5/430) * 100 = 1.16 gal / 100 miles.

2. How do I calculate the cost per 1 mile of gasoline?

Once you have the average consumption, it is really very easy. Average consumption is the value of how many liters of gasoline a car travels per 100 km, so if you divide it by 100, you get how much the car consumes per miles. Just multiply that number by the price of 1 gallon of gasoline and you’ll get the result. Suppose the price of gas is 2.9 USD then the cost per miles is 0.03 USD / 1 mile.

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