Dog Age Calculator

’How old is my dog in human years?’ The Dog Age Calculator can easily answer this. Our calculator takes into account a dog’s weight according to a new methodology for converting dog years to human years. It also takes into account that the relationship between dog and human ageing is not the same.

Dog Years to Human Years Calculator

Calculator for determining the age of a dog in human years.
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Information regarding the Dog Age or Dog Years Calculator

1. How does the Dog Age Calculator calculate?

There is a well-known rule which says that 1 dog year equals to 7 human years. So, if a dog is 10 years old, it is 70 years old in a human year. Research has shown that this relatively simple calculation is inadequate. For example, the ageing of a dog is not linear and related to its size. In addition, it can be seen that dogs age faster with time. With all this research in mind, that’s how our Dog Age Calculator was created. In addition, of course, unique features and even of the breed of the dog count, so the above dog years calculator only gives you an estimate of the age of your dog in terms of human years.

2. How can I make my dog live longer?

According to a study made by the British Veterinary Association, „Neutered females lived longest of dogs dying of all causes, though entire females lived longest of dogs dying of natural causes, with neutered males having the shortest lifespan in each category.”  There are also many studies on a diet which may help the dogs to live longer. What is absolutely sure that the diet can help certain ailments and side effects of ageing can be prevented or slowed.

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