Character and Word Counter Calculator

Online Character Counter & Word Counter: Do you want to know how many letters and words have in a certain text? Use or free Letter and Word Counter Tool to find out. You can also check the number of characters with or without spaces instantly.

Letter count and Word count Calculator

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Useful information regarding the online Character & Word Counter Calculator:

1. How can I use the Character Counter Calculator?

Just copy-paste your text inside the boxed called ‘Text to be counted’ and click on the ‘Count’ button. You can immediately see the result on how many letters the given text has. You can see two types of the result: the number of characters with and without spaces just like in a word, text processor app.

2. How can I use the Word Counter Calculator?

You can use is the same way as described above. Of course, using our Online Word Count Calculator is totally free. Word counting is based on the number of spaces in a given text, so if more than one word is accidentally typed between two words, the number of words will increase so you should take care of this one.

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