Alcohol Dilution Calculator

With the Alcohol Dilution Calculator, you can easily calculate how much water is needed to reach the desired lower alcoholic strength. What does the Alcohol Dilution Calculator do? If you distil alcohol at home, you should dilute it before drinking. Measure the alcoholic strength at 20 degrees Celsius (or 69 Fahrenheit) and dilute at the … Calculate now

Is there life on other planets? Calculator

Is there life on other planets or are we alone in the universe? Thanks to our “Is there life on other planets” calculator you can easily find out. The calculator uses the Drake equation to estimate how many intelligent, communicating civilizations there are in our galaxy. You can use the standard values or the pessimistic/optimistic … Calculate now

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Resistor Color Code Calculator + Resistor Reading Chart

Easy to use Resistor Color Code Calculator that makes identifying resistance and tolerance values for 4, 5, and 6 band resistors super simple. We also have resistor color code charts with the explanation. Resistor Color Code Calculator Select the number of bands on resistor: Four BandFive BandSix Band Select resistor band colors by clicking on … Calculate now

PSN Trophy Level Calculator

Playstation PSN Trophy Level Calculator

Use our free online Playstation Trophy Level Calculator to find out your current PSN Trophy Level based on your trophies. Our calculator also tells you how many points or trophies are needed for levelling up. Our PSN Trophy Level Caclulatror works according to the old and the new levelling system introduced on October 8, 2020. … Calculate now

Bicycle Frame Size Calculator

Bike Size Calculator

Our Bicycle Frame Size Calculator will tell you the bike size you need. The Bicycle Frame Size Calculator is super easy to use – just choose your preferred bike type and enter your measurements. Useful information and FAQ regarding the Bicycle Frame Size Calculator 1. What is the Bicycle Frame Size? The bicycle frame size … Calculate now

DOT-number Converter

Dot number converter

How old are my tires? You can easily find out with our free online DOT-number converter. Our calculator exactly tells you when your tire was made. All you have to do is look for the DOT inscription on the tire wall, then read and enter the last 4 digits in the calculator (see the notation … Calculate now

Dog Age Calculator

Dog Age Calculator

’How old is my dog in human years?’ The Dog Age Calculator can easily answer this. Our calculator takes into account a dog’s weight according to a new methodology for converting dog years to human years. It also takes into account that the relationship between dog and human ageing is not the same. Information regarding … Calculate now

Wind Chill Calculator

Wind Chill Calculator

Ultimate Wind Chill Calculator with the new wind chill algorithm. Calculate the feels like temperature in cold and wind now with our free online Wind Chill Calculator. What is the Wind-chill calculator? Wind-chill or windchill is the lowering of body temperature due to the passing-flow of lower-temperature air. Wind chill or Wind Chill Index essentially … Calculate now